Top Travel Tips from Traveling for 26 Years

Before your Trip: Booking

Do it on Tuesday! Searching for flights on Tuesday at midnight save about 6% on their flights – in comparison to 3% higher fares on Fridays at around 3 A.M – is a general rule. Nonetheless, it would depend on your destination, different airlines have different “happy hours”:

Virgin Australia; Happy Hour sale every Thursday from 4pm until 11pm.
Jetstar: Friday Fare Frenzy, every Friday evening at 4pm and until 8pm
Tigerair: Tuesdays from 12pm on Tuesday until 12pm. Wednesday, and Saturday Flight Fever from 12pm until 4pm

Search in private browsing mode

Cookies are saved onto your devices so if you don’t book first time, next time you come back they’ll be more expensive…

  • Flight Deals
  • SkyScanner
  • Kayak
  • Concorde
    Use them to find the best deals – look at the reviews of the agency or website it redirects you to book through, make sure it’s legit.


  • Do you require a visa to enter?
  • What will the weather be like? (So you know what clothing to pack)
  • Are there any attractions you’d love to see?
  • Learn – a bit of the language, a simple yes please or no thank you can really help!


  • Make a list of what you need to bring. (Eg. Portable charger, adapter… noise cancelling headphones save my life)
  • Pack Light
  • Roll your clothes – Need More space? You’ve have heaps more space and your clothes shouldn’t get creased or lines either.
  • Put your toiletries in separate cases – I usually carry my toiletries in a separate bag making them easier to locate as well as not accidently spill over clothes!
  • Keep a spare laundry bag for your used clothing


Great Apps:

  • Google Translate
    – Able to translate over 100 languages visually and verbally.
  • Google Maps – If you’re limited to wifi, I would suggest to download an area, so you can use offline maps while you travel

…but remember to make sure you put the phone down and enjoy… ?